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006718:Screen Stretcher Mesh Screen Stretching Multiple Size Screen Stretching …
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Screen Printing Combination Type Screen Stretcher----

with 4 Sets Different Size Press Clamp

This is a new design combination screen stretcher ;The base is universal type, users can replace different length pressing plate from 30/40/50/60cm and meet different request . It is multi-usage and save workspace.

According to different using request, operator just need to choose suitable trim strip and install on the base, then you can finish and start to stretch.

The trim strip is a in-out design; adopt tasteless and ageing resistant rubber;

All the trim strip is no seams; It can ensure the Pressure force is average ;

The hardness of rubber is reasonable, it can make sure to clamp the mesh tightly.

Adjust the lifting screw to fit all kinds of thickness

Supply all set installation tools

Machine size

Min: 11.8x11.8 inch  (30x30 cm)

Max: 23.6x23.6 inch  ( 60x60 cm)

Could be adjusted as request.

Package Size : 27x26x9 inch (67x64x22 cm)

Gross Weight : 84Lb/ 38kg

Net Weight:: 177Lb / 35kg


place the stretcher on your work table then adjust the black rubber pad clamp according to the screen frame thickness , when you put on a screen frame it should be little higher than the stretcher.

Put the frame reverse side up, spread the glue evenly over the whole frame surface for the first time, keep for a while ( touch the glue, when it is dry but do not stick on the fingers, it means well. )

Cover one piece screen then lay down the black rubber pad clamp and press tightly. Turn round the 4 hand wheels and touch the drum untill reach the required tension.

spread some glue again and wait for completely drying. Then you can take off thte frame and all done.
Item include :

1 Set of 30405060 Variable Size Screen Stretching Kit (006718), with below details:

4 pcs 30cm trim strip:4.4lb/ 2kg         

4 pcs 40cm trim strip:6lb/ 2.8kg

4 pcs 50cm trim strip:7.5lb/ 3.4kg      

4 pcs 60cm trim strip:8.8lb/ 4kg

4 pcs Universal Base: 23.8lb/ 10.8kg


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