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020283:Digital High Shear Mixer Emulsification Machine
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220V Digital High Shear Mixer Emulsification Machine


1 Be advised, after turning on the switch, please push the middle button once and then adjust the speed to use it.

2 Please do not run the machine empty! The working head must stay in liquid when you turn on the machine. Otherwise, the motor will burn!
  This laboratory shear emulsifying machine is compact micro express series motor, apply to the lab Pilot workshop Low to Medium, or high viscosity liquid mixing mixing, smashing particles in shear emulsifying liquid medium. The apheresis Cast aluminum molding motor, high quality stainless steel refining such as the shear emulsifying head and controller of work of the group A. Speed Controller with all cruising speed IC speed detection technology, can be immediately effective compensation due to the variation of load and power Source voltage fluctuations caused by speed, with soft start, automatic overload protection, the whole constant reactive power compensation and other characteristics. Of digital display speed and intuitive, to facilitate experimental data acquisition.
Input power: 510 W Outpower: 300 W
Power: 220V  50/60 Hz Rotation: 2000-13000rpm
Mixing work head diameter: Φ70 mm Maximum line speed of the rotor : 18 m/s
Ensure that the permanent use of mechanical precision.
To Ensure stable operation, low noise.
Good corrosion resistant performance, high mixing efficiency.
Experimental data acquisition is Intuitionistic and reliable.
To ensure continuous use of electrical properties.
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