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022398:Hole Drilling Machine for Engineering Machinery(110V,XDT40)
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Hole Drilling Machine


Hole drilling machine for engineering machinery is a portable processing equipment developed for field service of engineering machinery, which is mainly used in processing of small-scale pipeline inner hole and concentric span hole, and widely applied in engineering machinery, including excavator, crane, loader, and hoist.


Our machines are constantly improving. The actual received accessories will be slightly different from the pictures on our web pages. The accessories we send can guarantee the normal use of boring machine.

Please refer to the actual product when you receive the accessories. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.


This machine is installed by fixed clamping, and uses different tool rest according to different diameter ranges. Please confirm the diameter of processing hole before use to select the appropriate tool rest.

Please read the operation instruction carefully before using the machine, and check all the items according to packing list to know about operation safety precautions, machine performance, and usage specifications.


1.By adopting 110V continuous current motor with characteristics of low-speed of revolution and high torque, the complete machine can realize stationary machining in superior performance.

2.Feeding and processing can realize electrodeless speed regulation. Feeding process can be set according to demands, and processing can automatically stop after reaching the limit switch.

3.Boring bar adopting high-strength alloy and structural steel is featured with high hardness, high accuracy, high tenacity, good abrasion resistance, etc.

4.The boring bar can be disassembled separately to make installation convenient.

5.The control cabinet is installed below the main engine to be beneficial to safety operation.

6.Electric motor controller is equipped with dynamic delay brake program to avoid vibration in shutdown.

Main Technical Parameters
  • The maximum processing hole diameter: Ф180mm

  • The minimum processing hole diameter: Ф45mm

  • The maximum processing travel: 380mm

  • The maximum feed depth: 2mm on one side (A3 steel)

  • Surface roughness: Ra3.2

  • Deviation from circular form≤0.02mm

  • Gross weight of equipment: 120KG

  • Rotate speed: 0-83RPM

  • Boring bar: 40*1500MM

  •     Power: 1.5KW

1. Supporting seat A

2. Boring bar

3. Supporting seat B

4. Rack

5. DC motor

6. Emergency stop switch

7. Feeding turning button

8. Feeding speed governing button

9. Speed governing button for motor rotation

10. Alternate switch of motor steering

Equipment Maintenance

In order to ensure the use of hole drilling machine for engineering machinery become more convenient and rapid and every component can work smoothly, regular cleaning and maintenance have to be done to hole drilling machine.

  • Slushing oil should be painted to boring bar and feed screw which are not used very often.

  • Appropriate grease oil should be added to the feed box every half a year.

  • Spindle box and feed box should be stored by sealing if these parts are not used for a long time.

  • Appropriate grease oil should be added to guide post and screw before processing.

  • Boring bar should be hanged for hoisting to avoid deformation when it is not processed.

Item Include(022806)
  • A set of hole drilling machine

  • Two carton packing


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