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024145:Calf Feeding Machine Small Cow Acidified Milk Feeder
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Calf Feeding Machine Small Cow Acidified Milk Feeder(Stainless Steel,110V,150L)

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Name:Calf Feeding Machine Small Cow Acidified Milk Feeder
Voltage: 110V
Material:304 Stainless Steel
Feeding Nipples:10Pcs (for 15 calves)
Electric Heating :150W
Package Dimenshion : 64" (L) x 32" (W) x 33" (H)
Packing:wooden packing
Introduction of Automatic Acidified Milk Feeding Machine For Calf Feeding:
1. In 1 kilogram milk, add 30 ml acidified solution into the milk pot.
2. Milk temperature between 4.5 to 8 degrees is best.
3. When acidification, the acidified solution is poured into acidified pot, and then stir quickly,turn on the speed maximum. Five minutes later if there is no milk block, lower the speed level at 15 rpm/min (No milk block happens).
4. Stirring for 5 minutes in every 30 minutes, circular, eight hours later, acidified milk is finished.
5. In Winter it can be heated to between 10 to 15 degree centigrade, the temperature is automatically controlled. (Electric heating must be open before feeding calves or lambs in winter).
1.To improve the efficiency of feeding.
2.Keep Milk fresh for a long time.
3.It has Polyurethane insulation layer to keep milk fresh.
4.It has Heating function to keep milk warm.
5.It has leakage protection device to keep safe .
1. Buyer is responsible to unload and bring the shipment inside their location. Lift gate/Inside delivery service is available upon requested for additional fee.
2. Buyer should pay for the return shipping fee if buyer want to return this machine. The original shipping cost will also be deducted from the refund.
Package Includes:
1 set of Calf Feeding Machine Small Cow Acidified Milk Feeder(024145)
If you have any questions, please contact us.

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