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130055:60W Laser Power Supply(110V 4060)
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110V 60W CO2 Laser Power Supply for Water Cooled Tube Engraving Cutting Machine
Output Current: DC 24 mA
MTBF: ≥10000 hours
Response Rate: ≤1ms
Cooling Way: Force-Air Cooling
Type: Power supply
Output Voltage: DC 35KV
Output Power: 301 - 400W
1. Good compatibility: it can be applicable to 60W laser tube manufactured by various factories.
2. Quick response speed and effect,high performance,large cutting power,it also can prolong laser tube service life.
3. Easy control: the start and stop of laser can be easily controlled by TTL level.
4. The power supply has output open circuit protection.
5. The power supply has TTL signal indication, water through signal indication and laser output indication.
6. This power supply has the Button to test output laser manually.
7. Application: Sculpture and cut acrylic,fabric,double color sheet and rubber etc.
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