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130096: Marking Machine Software And Instructions (CD)
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Pneumatic Marking Machine
Software Installation
The steps of software installation:
1. Close all the firewalls of the computer system and exit all the antivirus software.
2. Then place the downloaded software package on the computer desktop.
3. Decompress the software package before installing, do not install in the compressed package. After decompression, install "setup.exe" and "5.0.exe".
(Note: if the computer is win10 system, after installation, right-click "X6" - properties compatibility - run the software as an administrator and put a tick. Then change the printing range to suit the model of machine you purchased. This needs to be run as an administrator and then changed)
Here are the steps to change the printing range of the machine: You need to click the Hardware Parameter Setup setting under X6 software directory on the desktop - then click XY printing range.
What you need to know before using the machine for the first time:
1. Turn off the power and software, and then push the needle of machine to the top left corner.
2. The distance between the needle of the electric machine and the product you need to mark is 0.1-2mm. If the closer the distance,it will work shallower and thinner . The farther the distance, it will work deeper and wider.Electric. The distance between the needle of the pneumatic machine and the product you need to mark is 5-10mm,and the air pressure not more than 0.3MPa
The steps to solve the problem of error reporting on software: (Note: if the computer is win10 system, you need to run the software as an administrator according to the steps before)
If the software error is displayed as follows: Connect the control board failed!Please power on controller. The operation steps to solve this problem should be as follows:
1. First, make sure that the two software installation steps are correct.
2. Close the software
3. Turn off the power of the marking machine
4. Change the USB cable of the computer to another socket, and then unplug the USB cable of the machine and then plug it in.
5. Turn on the power.
6. If there is antivirus software, you need to exit all the antivirus software to prevent error reported on the software .
7. Install the USB driver again(6.0.exe).
Problem:How do the software make range biggar?
See below
First:Close the software
"When printing, the beginning of the first letter does not print."--software Settings
"Marking is not deep"-Set up three places.
F1 Start - Set up - Print speed
Install the axis of rotation
Software part illustrates