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131090:CNC Automatic Coil Winder Winding Machine
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110V Computer CNC Automatic Coil Winder Winding Machine
The machine not only retains all the features of previous designs, it also has a low noise level and is less sensitive to external power fluctuation. CNC-200A also features an integrated design: putting stepper motor driver, DC motor speed controller, brake and power supplier control circuits into one control box, simultaneously achieving size reduction, high performance and low cost.
Tension device inside the machine.
1.Single chip Microprocessor design, has further higher performance and higher functions; it also has less sensitive to external power fluctuation or to external electromagnetic interference.
2.Memory use FLASH ROM, capacity capable storing up to 1000 steps winding data, 9 winding parameters, and 5 options can be independently assigned for each step. Off power memory retention without battery.
3.Winding speed can be specified using the front panel keypad, resulting in easy programming of multi-step, multi-speed settings.
4.Guiding traverse shaft stepper motor with a constant-current driver offering fast wire guiding speeds.
5.Guiding traverse shaft offering 10 steps moving speed selection.
6.Software can be update through the personal computer.
Specification :
Power voltage:110v
Cop motor:three phase machine 400W(1/2hp)
Winding displacement machine: step-servo motor
Spindle motor: Brushless DC
Windable wire gage:0.04-1.2mm
Maximum winding width:108mm
Maximum framework diameter:200mm
Maximum turning speed of cop:6000circles/minute, speed adjust function
Storable winding groups:999 groups
Complete appliance weight:30kg

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