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134020:Sugar Cane Ginger Press Juicer(New)

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Suger Cane Press Juicer
The sugar cane press juicer is used to squeeze sugar cane juicer. It is based on a lot of research and introduct the latest technology. Beautiful shape, easy operation, low investment, high yield juice.
Please clean and maintain timely to avoid rusting.
Notice:If the hole of handwheel is small, please tapping the middle part of the handwheel when installed.
Parameter: size:16.5" *12.6" *13.7" (42*32*35cm)

Precautions for use
1.Before pressing, first cut the root and the head.Juice extraction rate: (60-80)/100
2.Diameter of more than 30mm require to break in half.
3.If the machine appears high load,reverse swing directly.
4.Add grease to the transmission gear every week.
5.After squeezing finished, you should wash the rollers timely, make sure no sticky in juice box and keep it clean.
6.The material of three-roller is stainless steel .But in older to prevent rust please clean after use.

The installation of the handwheel needs to be aligned. If the handwheel is not easy to install, please remove the paint on the surface of the installation position.The handwheel is cast iron fragile.please tapping the middle part of the handwheel when installed.
Item Included:
one sugar cane press juicer, one faucet, two paring knives.

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