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154001:Paint Shaker 110V
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110V Manual Clamping Paint Shaker



Many thanks for using our manual clamping paint shaker: this machine is automatic controlled by new style alarm time-setter. When the operation time of the machine reaches the set time, it will stop automatically and the alarm will sound. The machine will stop automatically when the door is opened due to excellent safety and features. Silent operation and added safety.



 Voltage 110V/60Hz
Power 0.75KW
Mixing range 0.5-20L(0.13-5.28GAL)
Equipment keeping environment temperature -20~50℃
Using environment, operating temperature -10~40℃
 Humidity  35%-90%(No frost)
Operation way continue shake up and down

Use notice


1) This machine is suitable to mix the non-volatile liquid not the food liquid.
2) This machine must connect to the earth, or will have the danger of shocked by electricity.
3) Only the special technique worker or the people trained can do the work of installation and operation and maintenance.
4) Suitable power: AC110V, 60Hz (Note: the product must be 60Hz, otherwise the fuse will burn)
5) Take care of the machine surface to avoid any damage; machine should put on the firm and level place.
6) Cut off the electricity before maintenance and check to avoid any unexpected start operation.
7) Mustn't leave any tools or sundries inside of the machine.
8) Should assure the function complete of the machine after the maintenance.
9) The installation environment should apply to the local environment (published by the authority department). Don't pile the paint can around the machine, mustn't store the tinder inside the machine. Should cut off the power and take out the paint can after work.
10) Should put a "MUSTN'T SMOKE" sign at the 5 meters place aside the machine, mustn't use the machine within the tindery and explosive environment.
11) Mustn't operate the machine without any paint can inside the machine.
12) Max mixing weight is 30KG
13) If there is any expected voice, press the emergency bottom to stop the machine and restart the machine again after check and solve the malfunction.


Main function


1) Mixing time can be set from 1-15 minutes
2) Automatically stop when time is up, and will give out a sound of " Ding" to remind the operator.
3) Safety inter-lock prevents the cabinet door from being opened while the machine is running and it will stop automatically for the door is connected to the electric power.


Key button

 Installation and readjust

(1) Basic requirement: Firm and level concrete ground
(2) Readjust the 4 legs of the machine to make it put on the level place.
(3) Move the machine with suitable tool to avoid overturning the machine.

Process and methods of using the machine

1.First open the packaging, take the machine out and put it on the firm and level ground (if the ground is not level, readjust the 4 legs of machine to make sure it will work on a level place)
2. Must take off the steel bar first to operate the machine.(Picture A-D)

A: Turn the hand wheel anticlockwise to raise the clamping board to the max height which is suitable for the big can.
B: Will see a steel bar and sheath when open the clamping board.
C: Knock down the steel bar and sheath.
D: Nothing will be seen in the shaking frame.
E: Push the uphold board with hand gently, it should swing freely
F: Should take off the hand wheel from the shaking frame before connect the machine to the electric power.
G: Insert the electric plug into the AC110V tri-case electric outlet which should connect to the earth.
3.Open the front door and press the paint can cover firm and put it into the machine, turn the hand wheel according to the arrow direction to clamp firm the paint can, and then make firm the screw deasil.
4. Close the front door and reposition the emergency button to start the machine.
5.Turn the TIMER according to your need, and then the machine starts to work. (The longest time can be 15 minutes)
6.Press the EMERGENCY to stop the machine in urgent (Don't forget to reposition the EMERGENCY to restart the machine next time)
7.There is a safe guiding button at the left side of the front door, the machine will stop when the front door is not close firm or is open during operation.
8.When time is due, the TIMER will automatically stop the machine with a sound of " Ding". The operator can open the front door at this time and loosen the locknut in the direction of anticlockwise, turn the hand-wheel according to the arrow direction , loosen the press board and then take out of the paint can.


To assure the usual working, extend the use-life, play its economic value greatly, should do a good daily maintenance. Notice:

1)Only the repair man can knock down this machine
2)Should cleanup the leak paint after use to keep the working platform and pole clean.
3)Lubricate the pole, bearing, springs periodly, and the set the cycle according to your need.
4)Should not use the acid liquid to clean the floor.
Should wear the industrial protecting gloves and cut off the electricity before doing the maintenance and check.

Item Include(154001)

  • A set of 110V Manual Clamping Paint Shaker



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