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160605:HZX-100S Enhanced 110V Pipe Cutting Machine
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Cable Pipe Cutter

This computer cutting machine is suitable for heat shrinkable casing, yellow wax tube, silicone tube. fiberglass pipe, PVC pipe, cable tie wire, silicone tube, electrolytic capacitor PVC, PVC plastic belt, wire, plastic hose, insulating paper, copper foil, copper, tape, cotton belt, PE film bag, multi-function, nonwoven fabric, acetate cloth, insulation paper, rubber cushion, seat belts, color tape, battery separator, nickel, elastic, diffusion film, reflective film, plastic belt, PE pipe, fastening tape, conductive fabric/foam, fully automatic, computer, zipper, ribbon or hose fixed-length cutting, etc

This Cable Pipe Cutter adopts microcomputer control system, which cutting length and feeding speed could be set by people. The machine could set pressure, rising and falling automatically, which could prevent materials being scratched unintentionally. With LCD display screen which could help you see more clearly.

The product is simple and convenient to use, saving lots of manual and financial resources.

  1. Feeding speed is high, the precision of machine could reach 0.1 under computer program control.
  2. Speed is adjustable and the machine is with the liquid crystal display.
  3. Length and Speed could be set continuously.
  4. Group automatically and Total cumulative counting system
  5. Stop if lacking of materials.
  6. Batch suspension and Delay time can be set
  7. Cutting all kings of tubes strip materials automatically.
  8. LCD screen display and Operation system is simple and convenient.
  9. Using special mechanical structure and special cutting tools, with special software control, solve the problem of uneven of cutting.


  1. Power:200W-500W

  2. Cutting Length: 0.1--9999.9

  3. Cutting Width: 3.9"/100mm

  4. Weight:70.5"/32kg

  5. Size: 14.6*12.6*14.2"/37*32*36cm
Item included(160605)

Cable Pipe Cutter


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