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160629:8L Electric Pressurized Steam Sterilizer 220V
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18L 110V Electric Pressurized St

8L 220V Electric Pressurized Steam Sterilizer



Volume Voltage Weight Outside Space
8L 220V 17.4lb/7.9kg 14.2*14.2*11.8(inch)/36*36*30(cm)


  • Adopt the advanced stainless steel 304, it is more durable for acid and alkaline.
  • The appliance could be heated by light fire and electric power, which would be convenient of using.
  • The machine adopt the wrought iron flanges to strengthen, which guarantee the safety and stabilization.
  • Deflating when overpressure: 0.145-0.165MPa, to prevent the pressure inside too high, so that the utilization would be safe.
  • The gauge displays the pressure figures and temperature figures which could be more suitable for watching and operating.
  • Good sealing. Temperature rises quickly and power consumes less.
  • The highest temperature could reach to 126-128





This kind of portable electric pressurized steam sterilizer is suitable for various kinds of areas such as Medical treatment, scientific research and food industry. It is used to sterilize the medical equipment, surgical dressings, glass utensils, surgical? operating instruments, laboratory glasses instruments, rubber products, foodstuff, etc.


  • Attention the location of water level to avoid the electric heating tube of damaging.
  • Categories the various subjects to sterilize in different time.
  • Check the pressure gauge often. When the pressure gauge could not back to ZERO or the gauge could read the exactly the figure, fix it in time and change the gauge.
  • When the machine works, the operating people should not leave the machine to prevent danger.


Using Method:
  1. Filling Water: Filling the water to over the electric heating tube (about 3L water).
  2. Sealing: Put the subjects which need sterilizing in the machine in order, then capping the machine, put the soft pipe in the bottle. Aligning the up and down card slot, screw tight of the butterfly style screw.
  3. Heating: When heating begins, first put the deflating valve to the vertical location to overflow the cool air, when steam erupts, put the deflating valve to the normal place. calculate the time when the sterilizing pressure reach its own areas.
  4. Drying: After heating, the sterilized instruments needs drying. So first deflate the air steam, then heating for 1-2 minutes until the air pressure gauge indicates ZERO, after that, open the capper and keep heating for another 10 minutes.

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160629 8L Electric Pressurized Steam Sterilizer 220V      

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