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219105:Vacuum Exposure Unit TJ 110V
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Vacuum Exposure Unit

The main of this machine:

1, this machine is special without welds the fuselage structure, fine design, easy to operate.

2, the machine adopts double period of the timer, time cycle timing in one new type of mufti-purpose the countdown switch, plate vacuum time from (1 second to 99 hours 59 minute 59 seconds) to ensure that the plate vacuum time indeed. 

3, external vacuum pump make exposure unit smaller, in vacuum pump adopts circulation way, pump doesn’t need setting time, more simple, more convenient for the operator to use.

4,there are 12 of 20w printing-down machine use special UV lamp, ultraviolet light is moreuniform, there by ensure the quality. 

5, this machine is high strength glass tempered glass, durability is strong, the glass is not easy to scratch, once If broken glass, scales into Mosaic style particles so ensure the safety of users.

6, the machine adopts advanced electrostatic spraying, elegant appearance, easy to clean, never rust.

7, the machine in order to ensure the transportation is convenient, use wooden cases safe packing, ensure the safety and finished products the integrated, at the same time, make the transportation more convenient.

8, this machine is also equipped with a spare bulb and ballast each one, for a rainy day.  


This machine use of steps:

1, power supply is connected.

2, turn on the switch, the starting of the keys on the instrument examination lamp is working. 

3, setting vacuum time:

1) press set button to instrument to zero.

2) according time setting, and permanent print set time (note : different solvent emulsion time will be different, suggested to set the points according to 5 minutes press button on five times) over time when ultraviolet lamp automatically shut down.

3) Solvent emulsion screen and film draft set on the machine, the transparent floor coner placed in the four angles of the frame, is used to protect the inspiratory rubber from scratch, make the vacuum more precision.

4, this machine is more traditional inspiratory printing-down machine has no built-in suction tube, you just need to plug in external getter pump, the suction pump can work eight hours continuously to use more convenient. (note: pump to add engine oil before used only , lest cause motor damage). 


5, Ater the completion of exposure original exhaust can be more quick discharge air out . 


Input Voltage: 110V

Exposure area: 23.6”*27.6” (60*70cm) (Optimum screen exposing size is within 19.7”*23.6”*1.6” (50*60*4cm) by the outer sizes.) 

设定 =”Set”

时 =“Hour”

分 =“Minute”

秒 =“Second”

起动/暂停 =“On/Off” 


Item Included:







Vacuum Exposure Unit TJ 110V 



compressor outside 


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