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220009:5 Ton Hydraulic Gear Jaw Rotor Wheel Hub Puller Bearing Separator Tool Set Kit
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  5 Ton Hydraulic Gear Jaw Rotor Puller Bearing Separator

Operation Principle

Hydraulic pressure draw horse fill with post in pump as power source to drive horses cylinder rod to move ahead. Hook claw flat can follow the fast regulate nut make the distance of adjusting go backwards to advance directly.

Lift hand handle swing from head to foot while operating, namely output

high-pressure oil make the draw horses cylinder rod move forward, hook claw

corresponding to go backwards, the objected is pulled out.


Range of application

Overall puller is an ideal new product to replace for the traditional rachet.

It is of convenient operation, labor-saving use, compact structure, flexible use,

light weight, small bulk, handy carry. It will not be restricted by any places.

It is applicable for the factories and repair places.



Type specification


Safety weight


Effectively axis distance


Max. Vertical distance


Max. Horizontal distance


Operation method

1. Oil valve stem screw tighten on deasil first when using.

2. Adjust hook claw to claw hook hold the objects.

3. Raise handle hand hole to lift filling pump upper and lower, corresponding to go backwards, claw hook have back and forth inside to insert, the object is pulled out

to draw the quilt.

4. Cylinder rod form journey once is 60mm for the hydraulic pressure of drawing

the horse, so can’t be greater than 60mm while stretching the distance while

using, when the work was not pulled out stop in time, lossen the oil valve stem,

let the cylinder rod contract back, the second time repeated 1, 2, 3 step after setting.

5. If want to make cylinder rod contact back, it only need go back to lossen the right

valve stem in counterclockwise direction little to little, the cylinder rod has gone

back to contract gradually under the function of the spring.

6. Should according to external diameter of the object, draw distance and load

strenght, choose corresponding hydraulic pressure of tonnage draw horses before

using, must guard against overloading to use, avoid damaging.

7. Last horse hydraulic pressure using in-5 degrees Centigrades-in 45 degrees

Centigrades, adopt(CB443-84) by N-15 machinery oil; in -20degrees Centigrade

-in -5 degrees Centigrade, adopt(CB442-64) formate the spindle oil.

8. In order to prevent to cause machines damage for overload, hydraulics setting

set up overload to unload valve automatically, work piece will don’t retreat and

enter, should reelect with large hydraulic pressure of tonnage draw horses at

this moment.

Item included

5 Ton Hydraulic Gear Jaw Rotor Wheel Hub Puller Bearing Separator(220009)

Item Number Description QTY Unit Note
220009 5 Ton Hydraulic Gear Jaw Rotor Wheel Hub Puller Bearing Separator Tool Set Kit 1 set  

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