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239165:Salt spray testing chamber 110V

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                High Quality Salt Spray Testing Chamber

Please note that there are two color control panels are shipped randomly.






Voltage: 110V
Laboratory volume: 270L
Inner size: 900*600*400mm
Outer size: 1390*830*1100mm
Spray method: continuous


It's used to test the corrosion resistance of  the electrodeposited coating of many kinds of metallic materials.Use the  salt spray test machine to spray the Sodium Chloride Solution to the  surface of electric coating to achieve the purpose of detection.The  material is stainless steel.


² Equipment:

All equipment  needed in the test: Spray nozzle, salt water barrel, test piece support,  spray liquid collection container, test chamber, salt water, supply  tank, pressure tank, supply equipment and exhaust equipment required for  compressed air, the device is shown in Fig, and test as followed.

ü Blunt  material is required, it is required that the material itself cannot be  corroded, and it can not affect the corrosion test.

ü The  fog nozzle cannot spray the test liquid directly to the sample ,  the  solution at the top of the spraying chamber cannot drop on the test  piece.

ü The  test liquid dropped from test piece cannot flow back to the salt bucket  again for the test.

ü The  solution should not contain grease and dust, so you have to prepare an  air cleaner.

ü Spray  liquid should be collected at least 16 hours,  an average per hour can  be collected 2ml to 1ml solution. Use the final average to represent the  amount of spray.

ü The  concentration of the Sodium Chloride Solution should be maintained  at 40~60g/L.

ü The  temperature of the pressure barrel should be kept in 47+1 degree,   temperature of the brine barrel should be kept in 35+1 degree.

 Sample placement:

 If you need to test many pieces,  make sure that every major surface can be detected by salt fog at the  same time.

 Permutation of samples, the spray  should be free to drop on all the test pieces, preventing the situation  of blocking the spray.

 Each sample cannot be in contact  with each other.

 Salt spray can’t drop from one test  piece to another one.

 Sample identification mark should be  marked on the bottom of the test piece.


Spray method:

Adopting bernoute principle to absorb brine and then atomize, the degree of atomization is even, no blocking phenomenon of crystallization, can ensure the standard of continuous test.

Nozzles: made of special glass nozzles, the size of the spray can be adjusted.

Spray flow rate adjustment 1-2m1 (m1/8ocm'/nh) (16-hour average)

Spray mode: continuous type

Adopt the direct heating method, the heating speed is fast to reduce the standby time, when the temperature reaches ON. OFF switching, accurate temperature, less power consumption.(heating tube is made of high corrosion resistance heating system: titanium tube).

Meet the standard:

   GB/T 2423. 17-1993   Salt spray test
   GB/T 2423. 18-2000   Salt spray test
   GB/T 10125-1997   Salt spray test
   IEC68-2-52 1996   Salt spray test
   ASTM. B117-97   Salt spray test
   GB. 10587-89   Salt spray test
   IEC68-2-11   Salt spray test
   JIS H8502   Salt spray test
   CNS. 4158   Salt spray test
   CNS. 4159 CASS   Accelerate the spray test of cupric acetate
   GB/T 12967.3-91 CASS   Accelerate the spray test of cupric acetate
   GB/T 1771-2007   Neutral salt spray performance test of paints and varnishes
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