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239421:24Pcs Mold Electric Popsicle-Stick Maker Ice lolly Machine 110V
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            Stainless Steel Commercial Popsicle Maker 110V

This machine is safe reliable. It has stainless covering and it’s easy to clean. It equips high-quality compressor, efficient mixer motor and micro-computer controller. It’s widely used in cold stores, bars, and restraint.


Voltage: 110
Power: 1200
Current: 6.88A
Refrigerant/quantity: R22/450g
Size : 22.5*18.1*34.5inch (570*460*880
Weight: 132lb (60kg)


1) According to the package list, check out all the parts of the machine.
 2) Put it in dry place and make sure there are 500mm or more distance between the Radiating plate and the wall
 3) Connect it with wires with reliable ground wires. Refrigeration
 4) Refrigerant: Ethylene glycol*18kg + water*12kg, which is 6:4.
 Add 25L sodium oxide solution or 23.5% Salt water in the refrigeration tub.



1) Clean Clean up the mold before using.
2) Ingredients
a) We suggest you to use professional popsicle powder and make popsicle according to it.
b) Or you can choose this affordable formula
Milk powder sugar water other
Ratio: 0.5 1 10 Appropriate amount
3) Turn it on, press the power switch to “ 一 ”, the water pump in the refrigeration tub start to work, the electric controller shows current temperature, when the Indicator light is on ,the compressor will be working in 1 minute, When the temperature reaches -22, it will stop working itself and run itself again when the temperature is up.
4) Pour the syrup in to the mold.(do not pour too much syrup and make it less than 3/4 volume of the mold. Put the sticks into the stick holder and cover it on the mold. Put the mold into the tub. Put on the cover, after 20-40 minutes, the popsicles are ready.
5) Take out the entire mold and sink it into water for 2-5 minutes, the pull out the stick holder and get your popsicles.



1) Do not lean it over 45 degrees when transporting.
2) It has to work under rated voltage with reliable ground lines. Do not let it share one single socket with any other electrical appliances.
3) Keep the radiating plate 500mm distance from the wall.
4) Make sure to cover the lid when it’s working. Do not put your hands into it when it’s making popsicles.
5) Remember to cut off the electricity when it’s done. Do not clean the surface with flowing water.


Item include(239421)
1*32/ps Stainless Steel Commercial Popsicle Maker 110V
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