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006854:21x28 inch (50x60cm) LED Screen Printing Exposure Unit 110/220V Universal Type

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Screen Printing LED Exposure Unit  21" x 25"


1. Max screen frame size: 21 X 25 inch (54x64 cm external diameter)

2. With 8 pcs LED ultraviolet light,

3. Equipped with 8mm tempered glass , keep safety when it was broken

4. Timer will turn off the light automatically according to the setting. It will keep 
this setting and repeat use unless you change the exposing time.

5. Send 2 pcs black sponge cover on the plate to get a better exposing result.

Count range: 1 second--- 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds

Working temperature: - 25 c ---- 65 c


Different brand emulsion will need variety exposing time, operator need to test with 
this machine and set to the best exposing time.


Exposure size 21X25 inch
Product Color blue
Voltage 220v/110v  universal type
Plug American standard
Machine using material steel plate
Machine surface treatment Electrostatic spraying
Machine size 26x22x9 inch (67x57x23cm)
Net weight 79 lb/ 36kg
Gross weight 90 lb/ 41kg
Packing size 30x27x12.4inch (77x68x31 cm)

Countdown Timer Using Method

1. Before using, please press the "C" button to reset, it will display 00:00 00 
and flash.

2. Press the "hour" "minute" and "second" button separately to set the countdown 
time, then the screen shows "ON"

3. Press the "start/restart" button to start work.


For example:  need to set the expose time 5 minutes 30 seconds :

1. Press "C" button to remove the original set ;

2. Press "minute" set to "5"; press "seconds" set to "30"; Then press 
"start/restart" to start machine, light on.

After 5 minutes 30 seconds , light will turn off automatically.

If this setting do not need to be changed, it will be saved automatically. When the machine start again, timer will start again from 5 minutes and 30 seconds.


Item include:

1 set 21x25 inch LED exposure unit --- 006854


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