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130044:Rotary Attachment Simpler 2
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Rotary Attachment Simpler NEMA 17(42BYG) 4 LINE

Item Description:
Laser Machine Rotary Attachment For CO2 Laser Engraver Engraving Machine Available: Cup, Bottle, Cylinder drum, Tube, Bowl etc.
Two-phase four-wire stepping motor.
Packaging Size:15.75"*7.87"*7.87"(40*20*20 cm)
Product weight:8LB
stepping motor:NEMA 17(42BYG)
Input voltage: 12V 0.8A/phase
P1.0= A P1.1=B P1.2=B" P1.3=A"
A+(Red),A-(Blue) ,B-(White),B+ (Yellow)

Please provide your laser machine or the rotary attachment corrector pictures to us to comfirm our rotary whether could work on your machine.
Question :
Answer:The operation sequence must be right .
FIRST ,Turn on the laser power switch,(the laser head moves all the way to the left and the rotary spins at max speed )
Second,Follow the picture below,Drag the laser head and manually to the upper left corner,(The laser head moves to the left,then drag X axis to upper ,Touch the two stepper limit switch ),purpose,Identify the rotation axis.(Rotation axis stops rotating)
Third ,Move the laser head afterwards to where you need it.
Fourth, Start working computer input file.........
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