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153070:110V Chocolate Waterfall Fountain 5 Tiers
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Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate Fountain

The D20099 5-Tier Chocolate Foundation will attractive guests with elegance and style at any special event. This chocolate foundation creates a cascade of sweetness that will add mouth-watering fun in any occasion. Simply pour the recommanded amount of melted chocolate into base and switch on the motor .Watch as the chocolate is carried to the top of the tower where it flows down each tier in a mesmerizing display. Easily disassembles for quick cleanup. The fountain is a beautiful addition to any dining table or casual gatherings with friends and family.



  • Lay the machine horizontally and connect the power cord.
  • Don't put anything around bottom of the machine to help heat dissipation.
  • If the operation temperature is below 25°C,suggest assemble heat preservation light.
  • Preheat by turning on heating and motor switch.(Preheat about 10 minutes to ensure efficient operation.)
  • Pour the liquid chocolate slowly into the basin after the motor work normally.
  • If the fountain effect is not ideal, please check whether the chocolate is enough or adjust"Bottom adjustive screw" to keep balance.
  • Don't drop any fruit,food or other things into the chocolate pool when using to avoid blockon the pump.If any food drop into the chocolate pool,please turn off the machine and pick it out.
  • In order to offer good taste of chocolate,turn off the machine each 60 minutes and blend the chocolate,then turn on the machine.
  • If there are too many guests, you can add liquid chocolate after one hour to assure forming fountain when using.
  • To ensure the normal using life of the machine,suggest the continual operating time should be 10-12 hours.
  • Repeat above step when use again.


Control temperature automatically. Heating steay. Won't destroy chocolate composition

Easy and convenient to operate

Made of imported #304 stainless steel. Elegant appearance. Firm and endurable.

Safety guarantee after long time examination and destroy testing.

Customers will be captivated by the unique chocolate fall.

Technical Parameter
Item No. Voltage Frequency Power Height Max Diameter Weight Chocolate Capacity
D20099 110V 50/60HZ Heating 150w+Moto 80W 26.77"(68cm) 12.99"(33cm) 19.8lb(9KG) 8.8lb(4KG)
Simple Circle Using Method

If you can not clean the machine according to normal cleaning process, be sure to take out the tower and auger after using every time to avoid the chocolate curdleed in the component. Keep in sanitary place (Picture A).

Turn on the heating switch to melt the chocolate if use again. Heat the chocolate on tower and auger by hot-sealing machine. Be careful the temperature should be lower than 80°C to protect the chocolate to ensure good taste (PictureB、C、D).

After the chocolate melt,assemble the auger and tower in the machine.Turn on the motor switch,then the chocolate fountain can normally(Picture E)

Normal Cleaning Process

Turn off the motor and heating switch.Unconnect the power cord.Scratch the chocolate from tower into the chocolate pool.(Picture 1)

Take out the tower and auger.(Picture 2)

In order to reduce the cost and reuse the chocolate,pure the chocolate into chocolate pool.And scratch the chocolate.If there are too much chocolate,please pure the chocolate into right container.(Picture 3)

Pull out the auger pin,screw out the chocolate pool,and wipe the chocolate out.(Picture 4 to 5)

Clean the tower,auger,chocolate pool into 50-60°C warm water.Lay in dry place after cleaning for next time use.(Picture 6 to 8)


Item Includes
1 set of 5-Tiers Chocolate Fountain  153070

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