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153073:Double Head Egg Topper Cutter Shell Opener

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Double Heads Egg Cutter

With the process of society,people on the food requirements is no longer a simple color,much to the originality and the reasonable nutrition.

This eggshell cutter can be said to be like creative arts .And give full play to the wisdom of achieving your dream.This product not only can be widely used in restaurants, bars, hotels, family characteristics of chicken cooker,but also can be used in crafts eggshell production

The eggshell cutter used to introduce:

To prepare a complete egg(uniform size moderate, no rupture, smooth surface),left hand to hold the egg

Egg cutter stably placed in the egg,the left hand thumb and index finger is used to control the air.( shown in figure 1

With the right hand the solid sphere to handle the most high, shown in figure 2

Right hand loose solid ball let it drop and impact the hemisphere holder, shown in figure 3

Remove the cutter, and take the top cut off part of the eggshell,shown in picture 4

This egg is neatly cut.

Eggshell Paintings



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