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000989:6IN1 Heat Press Printer CISS Mug KIT
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6in1 Heat Press & Printer & CISS & Materials

This multifunctional press includes T-shirt press, mug press, cap press and plate press, which can be easily changed for a particular job. It is an economical solution for all purpose commercial applications. It can be able to apply transfers, letters, numbers and images on T-Shirts, garments, bags, mouse mats, jigsaw puzzles, ceramic tiles, cups, mugs, plates, baseball hats and any other items.

And it will come with printer, CISS and lots of stuffs, you can try to make some hobbies.

This package includes the heat  press machine, sublimation printer, sublimation ink, sublimation paper and many  kinds of sublimation blank you need to to start a sublimation business (Yes!  Everything !)

(if you want to transfer on the cotton  shirts, please use the dark or light transfer paper and pigment ink)


6IN1 Multifunction Heat Press (110701)

6IN1 Heat Press can imprint T-shirts, Ceramic Plates, Ceramic Tiles, Mugs, Mouse Pads, Jigsaw Puzzles, Fabrics & Materials, and  Other Misc.


Package Weight: 53LBS
Size (L, W, H): 18.90*20.47*17.32 inch
Temperature: 0~400 degrees C
Time Range: 0~999 Seconds
Heater size: Diameter φ7.5~9cm or φ5~7.5 for Mug
Diameter 1
2.5cm and 15.5cm for Plate
Diameter 30X38cm for Flat
Diameter 14X8.5cm for cap


1. 6IN1 Heat Press is a multipurpose swing-away heat press. The construction is a solid steel welded framework. It includes Digital Temperature, Time, and a Digital Pressure/Height gauge, programmable presets, user definable alarms as well as a host of other digital features.  

2. 6IN1 Heat Press utilizes quick-change attachments necessary for heat transferring images onto a wide variety of materials, such as: T‐ shirts, Ceramic Plates, Ceramic Tiles, Mugs, Mouse Pads, metal plates, Jigsaw Puzzles, Fabrics   & Materials, etc.  

3. The interchangeability of it is performed quickly and safely. Due to its swing-away design and wide adjustment range, it excels in handling extremely thick items such as plaques, tile, woods, plastics, and other printable items that can not be pressed in conventional T-Shirt presses.

Stylus C88 Ink Jet Printer (012503)

  • Enjoy amazing quality and durability
  • Achieve precision detail
  • Race through everyday projects
  • Take control of ink usage
  • Print borderless photos in popular sizes
  • Create projects that truly stand out
  • Enjoy easy setup on any system
  • Discover convenient wired and wireless print options


CISS Bulk Ink System (012000)

The CISS Ink System is used to print pictures whose details are clear, arrangement is distinct, and it is suitable for expressing beautiful colors, with a highly smooth, bright, pure, and constantly-line, non-clogging nozzle. Pure tones, rich colors and smooth transition. Images Printed with accurate Colors, clear structure, good gloss, higher color levels, it shows a broader space, and meets the higher requirements. It applies to all cases relating to computer, printing in all fields.

Items included


1) 5in1 Multifunction press 1 set (110401)
2) printer 1 set (

3) CISS 1 set (012000)

4) 2pcs White mugs (001007*2)
5) 2pcs Two-Tone Sublimation Mug (

6) 2pcs Rim/Handle Sublimation Mug (001036*2)

7) 2pcs Full-Color Changing Sublimation Mug (001050*2)

8) 2pcs 8" Double Gold Rim Sublimation Plate (001013*2)

9) 2pcs 12" Double Gold Rim Sublimation Plate (001014*2)

10)2pcs 6"x6" sublimation ceramic tiles (001016*2)

11)10pcs mouse pads (001021*1)

12)2pcs Jigsaw Puzzles (002068)

13)20 sheets of A4 dark inkjet transfer (002001*20)
14)20 sheets of A4 light inkjet transfer (
15)2 T-shirts(
1 black-002087 and 1 white-002086)
rolls  heat tape (001062*2)

17)Tape Holder 1 set  (001397)
18)100 sheets of A4 sublimation transfer paper (110405*1)
19)13 vector galleries in one CD.(

20)4 bottles dye sublimation ink(110261-110264)


If want ink or more materials, please contact us.


11oz white mugs 2 pcs(001007)

Full-Color Changing Sublimation Mug 2pcs

(mix color)

Two-Tone Sublimation Mug

2 pcs(mix color)

Rim/Handle Sublimation Mug 2pcs(mix color)

2pcs 8" Sublimation Plate (001013)

2pcs 12" Sublimation Plate (001014)

2 pcs of sublimation ceramic tiles(001016)

 mouse pads(001021)

2pcs Rectangle Jigsaw Puzzles (002068)

2 sheets of A4 dark inkjet transfer (002001)

2 sheets of A4 light inkjet transfer (002000)

1pc T-shirts black  (002086)

2 rolls heat  tape(001062)

100 sheets of A4 sublimation transfer paper(110405)

1pc T-shirts  white (002087)

4 bottles dye sublimation ink

Buying this package, you can get  13 vector  graphic art collections for free, all burned in one CD.


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