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004956:24'' Vinyl Cutter Plotter 6In1 Heat Press Transfer Machine Epson printer Package
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Vinyl Cutter 6in1 Heat Press Printer Vinyl kit

The "New  6 in 1 Combo Heat Press + Vinyl Cutter Plotter + Printer + Business  Bundle "   is ideal for heat transfer of design, graphics and photos to T-shirts,   iPhone Cases, puzzles, mouse pads, ceramic tiles Vinyl etc. The package  comes  with brand   new  5 in 1 Combo Heat Press,   brand new  24"   ALL METAL vinyl cutter plotter, and   brand new    Stylus Photo C88+ printing   and lots of others stuffs.

Please note: this package doesn't include the sublimation ink , please buy the sublimation ink from other seller !
The package need the sublimation ink!

24"   500g Pressure Cutting Plotter

Character Features 

◆High   strength aluminium alloying structure, streamlined design,   beautifully and gracefully

◆Unique   cutting blade soft landing function, cutting thinker material   more easily

◆Luxurious  push and pull vinyl basket, convenient for practical  operation

◆With USB   high speed interface, supporting plug in and off when power is   on, PNP

◆Imported   thin film controlling panel with nine keys, easy to operate

◆Linear   bearing carriage with high precision, high temperature  resistant  and never deformed characters

◆Compatible with many computer operation systems such as  Windows  XP,Vista,Windows7 (32bit&64bit)

Technical parameter  (Luxurious Type)

Model Item


Max. Paper Width


Max. Plotting Width


Net Weight/Gross Weight


Packing Size




Language Format


Max. Plotting Speed


Max. Cutting Force


Cutting Tool

Imported hardness alloy steel blade

Power Supply


Operation Environment


Relative humidity:(30%-50%)without condensation



Craft edge  Software
We supply technique support after your purchasing. And we  provide a detailed user manual with words, pictures and video  made by ourselves, after your ordering, we will send it out  with the cutter machine.

"Sure Cuts A Lot" is an easy to use software which  allows you to cut virtually any shape with various  electronic cutting machines, including Black Cat  Cougar/Lynx, Craftwell ecraft, BossKut Gazelle,  Pazzles Inspriation, Silhouette SD/CAMEO/Portrait,  Silver Bullet, US Cutter, & More!

With "Sure Cuts A Lot" you can cut your TrueType  fonts, custom shapes and even draw your own shapes  directly in "Sure Cuts A Lot", giving you endless  possibilities!

NOTE: This software does not support  Cutting  Plotter on Mac OS


  • Works with your installed TrueType and Open Type  fonts
  • Works with thousands of free TrueType Fonts  including Dingbat/Wingding Fonts
  • Import various file formats, including SVG and  PDF
  • Drawing tools to draw and edit shapes
  • Weld overlapping letters and shapes together
  • Select styles, including shadow and blackout, to  change the look of your letters and shapes with  just a few clicks
  • Auto-tracing feature to automatically convert  images for cutting
  • Create rhinestone templates
  • Print & cut
  • Cut additional shapes from the "Sure Cuts A Lot"  Library
  • WYSIWYG Interface - Exactly what you see is what  you cut
  • Available for Windows
  • Save and share your design layouts
  • Free technical support and access to  professionally made video training series

System Requirements:

  • Pentium processor-based PC or compatible  computer (Windows)
  • Windows XP/Vista/7 (Windows)
  • 512 MB of RAM or more
  • At least 50 MB of available hard disk space
  • USB Port 1.1 or 2.x
  • NOTE: This software does not support  Cutting Plotter on Mac OS

6IN1  Heat Press Machine
This multifunctional press includes T-shirt press, mug press, cap press and plate press, which can be easily changed for a particular job.


  • Voltage: 110V(If need 220V,contact us)
  • Temperature: 0-400 degrees C
  • Time Interval: 0-999s
  • Shipping Weight: 66lb.(30kg)



    Package Weight: 53LBS
    Size (L*W*H): 18.90*20.47*17.32 inch
    Temperature: 0~400 degrees C
    Time Range: 0~999 Seconds
    Heater size: Diameter φ7.5~9cm or φ5~7.5 for Mug
    Diameter 12.5cm and 15.5cm for Plate
    Diameter 30X38cm for Flat
    Diameter 14X8.5cm for cap

  • Stylus C88  Ink Jet Printer

    The  high-performance Stylus ® C88 speeds  through critical projects and reports,  delivering amazing quality and durability  with DURABrite® Ultra inks. With this  champion performer, you'll get sharp, vivid  charts, text, and more, whatever the task at  hand.


    • Enjoy  amazing  quality and  durability
    • Achieve  precision  detail
    • Race through  everyday  projects
    • Take control  of ink usage
    • Print  borderless  photos in  popular  sizes
    • Create  projects  that truly  stand out
    • Enjoy easy  setup on any  system
    • Discover  convenient  wired and  wireless  print  options

    CISS Bulk Ink  System 1set

    The CISS Ink  System is used to print pictures whose details are clear,  arrangement is distinct, and it is suitable for expressing  beautiful colors, with a highly smooth, bright, pure, and  constantly-line, non-clogging nozzle. Pure tones, rich colors  and smooth transition. Images Printed with accurate Colors,  clear structure, good gloss, higher color levels, it shows a  broader space, and meets the higher requirements. It applies to  all cases relating to computer, printing in all fields.

    Package  included:
    (1) 1 set 24inch 500g Cutting Plotter     (004551)
    (2) 1 set 110V 6IN1 Heat press              (110701)
    (3) 1 set C88 ink jet printer         (012503)  
    (4) 1 Set CISS for C88                  (012000) 
    (5) 100 sheets A4 sublimation transfer paper     (110405)       
    (6) 20 sheets A4 dark transfer paper     (002001*20)
    (7) 20 sheets A4 light transfer paper      (002000*20)
    (8) 4 pcs White mugs                               (001007*4)
    (9) 2 pcs 8" Double Gold Rim Sublimation Plate     (001013)
    (10) 10 pcs 24x20x0.3cm Blank Mouse Pad            (001021)
    (11) 2 pcs Jigsaw Puzzles                       (002067)
    (12) 2 yard PU vinyl     (Just for test, color is random)
    (13) 1 sheet A3 Cutting Mat     (004026)
    (14) 1 Square Vinyl Scraper 7.9x12.6cm       (019032)
    (15) 2 PCs Dark color T-shirts     (  Black-002086)
    (16) 2 PCs Light color T-shirts     (White-002087)
    (17) Sure Cuts A Lot V3 Cut Vinyl Cutter Software 
    (18) 2 Vector Collections             (000784)
    (19) 2 rolls Heat tape                    (001062*2) 



    24" Cutting Plotter(004551) 

    110V 6IN1  Heat Press(110701)


    C88 (012503)

    CISS-C88 (012000)

    20 sheets of A4

    dark inkjet transfer(002001)

    20 sheets of A4

    light inkjet  transfer(002000)


    A4 Sublimation Transfer Paper

    100 sheets(001201)


    2  yard   PU vinyl


    2pcs 8" Sublimation Plate (001013)

    11oz white mugs 4 pcs(001007)

    10 mouse pads(001021)

    2pcs Rectangle Jigsaw Puzzles (002068)


    1 Square Vinyl Scraper



    2 pcs light color  T-shirts


    2 pcs dark color  T-shirts

    Heat Resistant Tape

    2 Rolls(001062)


    Sure Cuts A Lot V3

    13"x25"x0.16"Cutting Mat 1sheets(004027)

    Instruction of Vinyl Transfer

    1) Make target design by  computers. Switch on the cutting plotter and better try the pressure of  tool in the first step:
    After cutting, the color layer as well as one layer of base paper can be  easily removed at the same time.
    2) The tool should just  cut half thickness of the base paper.
    3)There are 35 colors of  PU vinyl transfer you can choose. 4)Set the speed according  to the size of the design. For example, set the speed faster (at 50-75)  for a large design, and at 25definitely for a small one. Pressure is  about 150g.Lowerspeed cutting is very important!
    5)Peel off the unwanted  color layer part when finish cutting. 6)The design on base paper  should be complete without any deletion. If you peel the wanted parts  ,you can press it back then continue.
    7)Press by heat press, Set  the temperature at 150℃-175℃(310F-350F) and the time at 10s -15s.
    The temperature & time is not absolute, You should adjust on actual  status.
    8)Press by home Iron. Set  the temperature at 150℃-175℃(310F-350F).
    9)Cool peel the base  paper. 10)A wanted design will be  on your unique T-shirt completely.

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