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130036:[DISCONTINUED]Mini laser machine 100mW Mini Laser engraving machine Carving tool Marking Machine Laser Painting
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100mW Mini Laser engraving machine Carving tool Marking Machine Laser Painting
1.Support picture print, vector print, grayscale print
2.DVD CD-ROM transformation, higher precision!
3.With weak light positioning function (this function is Very practical. It can be carved on the elongated items,For example,a Toothpick.)
4.use professional laser module, can continuous carving
5.the software is easy to operate
6.Interface: USB,of the USB interface is a laptop desktop can be used.
Product parameters:
1.Total power: 6w-10w
2.Laser Power: 100mw
4.the appearance of size: 143mm * 148mm * 150mm
5.Engraving area: 40mm * 40mm
6.Be carved items height restriction: 25mm (Working Height: < 25 mm)
7.Accuracy: 0.01mm
8.This Engraving machine only use Window7 and Window8, when you receive the item,please tell me,I will email the software to you.
9.Engraving materials:wood, bamboo, colored plastic(phone shells), leather, seals, cardboard, cards (all kinds of bank cards, discount cards),Please note: metal can't be carved.
10.The power adapter is China plug,the Plug in your country maybe not the same,Please prepare a conversion plug.
11.quantity: 1set(Include:A laser engraving machine, a power adapter, a USB connecting line,but no glasses)
Although the power of the laser head is small, but direct reflection to the eye or eyes still hurt your eyes, when in use, do protective measures.

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