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153078:110v Popcorn Machine
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Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Machine

Place the corn popper on a fry,level surface.Protect from rain and other weather elements.Do not install near pool or water outlets.Plug the unit into suitable grounded electrical outlet (please check if the outlet voltage is matching with rating specified next to power cord)
Main unit has 3 function switches:spot light&warmer,stirrer,pot heater.
Hook the stainless steel pot onto the hanger of the main unit(Note:Roller bar should be on the door side and also check if gears between pot and ceiling are perfectly matched)
Plug in the power cord(hanging from the main unit ceiling)into the bottom of the stainless steel pot.
Switch the light and heater to ON.Popping pot should be pre-heated for 3-5minutes.Cut off top of oil section on pouch and squeeze oil into pot.Allow a few minutes to melt oil.If using other suitable ingredients,have pre-measured portions ready in advance.Add oil.(Max,15G/48oz.oil)

Next using suitable ingredient,have pre measured portions ready in advance.(8oz.Max.Uncooked popcorn kernels).Add popcorn,cautions:Lid is hot,recommended wearing oven mitten to touch metal pieces.Close lid
Switch the stirrer to ON so that it starts stirring.
Close the door on the main unit carefully
When popping stops (no more popping sound from pot),switch the stirrer and heater to OFF,popping is completed.Rotate the roller bar on the post and pour out all remaining popcorn.Gently shake if necessary.
Heater switch must remain OFF if the unit is not popping.Only the spot light warmer should be left ON,this will keep the popcorn warm,dry and tasty for a longer period of time.
Serve popcorn with scoop provided,Note:do not add butte or other liquid flavoring in main unit popcorn bin.Avoid a big mess.Remove popcorn to suitable serving bowl or popcorn
Before adding this type of flavoring.
Always remove plug from power supply before cleaning and of the unit is not being used for a period time.
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Product Parameters
Model Voltage Power Diameter Weight
OT-818 110v 1.4kw 61*46*69cm(24"*18"*27") 19.4kg(43lbs)


Item Includes
1 set 110v Popcorn Machine   153078

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